Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.9.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-1885] - BridgeFactory unable to create instances of custom bridges in a modular environment
  • [HSEARCH-2955] - Faceting query fails when the facet field is not populated for any document
  • [HSEARCH-2972] - Missing provided dependencies in the distribution ZIP
  • [HSEARCH-2983] - Take boost into account when building numeric or null encoding queries with the DSL


  • [HSEARCH-2778] - The non-release builds with -Pdist should validate all javadocs by default
  • [HSEARCH-2942] - Move Wildfly module packaging of dependencies to external repositories
  • [HSEARCH-2951] - Validate tests running on JDK9 with the illegal-access=deny flag enabled
  • [HSEARCH-2957] - Remove the warning "this feature is work in progress" in the JSR-352 integration documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2958] - Move the few tests using Mockito to Easymock
  • [HSEARCH-2959] - Reduce the verbosity of the build when testing against Elasticsearch 2
  • [HSEARCH-2960] - Avoid duplicate build step executions in the Travis build
  • [HSEARCH-2961] - Downgrade the version of the MariaDB plugin
  • [HSEARCH-2963] - Remove duplicate dependency declarations in integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-2965] - Do not generate the PDF documentation by default
  • [HSEARCH-2967] - Remove internal classes from the Javadoc
  • [HSEARCH-2968] - Align the JBeret dependency on WildFly
  • [HSEARCH-2969] - Use the default style for JavaDoc
  • [HSEARCH-2971] - Update the copyright in the Javadoc footer
  • [HSEARCH-2974] - JGroups backend not needing to import OSGi module org.hibernate.annotations.common
  • [HSEARCH-2975] - Skip exploding the built WildFly modules by default
  • [HSEARCH-2976] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.6.5
  • [HSEARCH-2984] - Remove an unnecessary jberet dependency in the distribution module
  • [HSEARCH-2986] - Put the distribution files to upload into distribution/target/dir so that release scripts find them
  • [HSEARCH-2987] - Use Server Provisioning plugin to setup WildFly based integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-2988] - Make sure Hibernate Search can be used without relying on JBoss's Nexus repo
  • [HSEARCH-2989] - Split JBoss module distribution zip to make ORM dependencies optional
  • [HSEARCH-2990] - Skip javadoc generation in JBoss modules artifacts
  • [HSEARCH-2991] - Avoid needing jsr250-api during project build
  • [HSEARCH-2993] - Upgrade to Byteman 4.0.0
  • [HSEARCH-2994] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2.12.Final
  • [HSEARCH-2995] - Upgrade to JMH 1.20
  • [HSEARCH-2996] - Upgrade Elasticsearch dependencies to 5.6.6


  • [HSEARCH-2191] - Make Hibernate Search Modules a valid Wildfly Feature pack file.
  • [HSEARCH-2880] - Improve documentation regarding field bridges on IDs
  • [HSEARCH-2964] - Include the JSR 352 module in the distribution
  • [HSEARCH-2977] - Revisit the documentation about using modules on WildFly
  • [HSEARCH-2981] - Improve toString() of RemoteMatchQuery
  • [HSEARCH-2985] - Split JBoss module distribution zip to make external dependencies optional

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