Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.10.5.Final - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-3407] - Boolean fields in embedded collections are not indexed properly when using Elasticsearch


  • [HSEARCH-3151] - Upgrade to Apache Karaf 4.2.1 to be able to test in JDK10, hopefully JDK11
  • [HSEARCH-3365] - Backport Jenkinsfile to older, still maintained branches
  • [HSEARCH-3377] - Upgrade EasyMock to a version compatible with JDK10
  • [HSEARCH-3379] - Reference the Hibernate ORM feature from the OSGi tests
  • [HSEARCH-3380] - Find a way to add JAXB modules to the OSGi feature in OSGi integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-3394] - Upgrade HCANN to 5.0.5.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3396] - Allow to use snapshot artifacts in OSGi integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-3400] - Use in the documentation when we call getFullTextEntityManager
  • [HSEARCH-3411] - Add gitter room notification for Jenkins builds
  • [HSEARCH-3428] - Get back to the default, virtualized infrastructure for Travis builds
  • [HSEARCH-3431] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.3.7.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3436] - Fix the release process in Jenkinsfile

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