Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Alpha4 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2185] - Phrase query with the DSL does not consider the `ignoreAnalyzer()` options
  • [HSEARCH-2423] - Projecting an unstored field should raise an exception with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-3538] - Disabling projection converters in projections is ignored when checking compatibility
  • [HSEARCH-3540] - The NONE Elasticsearch index lifecycle strategy throws an AssertionFailure
  • [HSEARCH-3546] - SearchException is missing from the javadoc
  • [HSEARCH-3548] - ZonedDateTime with zone = ZoneOffset.UTC fails when indexing in Elasticsearch 5.6
  • [HSEARCH-3549] - Indexing MonthDay.of( 2, 29 ) fails on Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-3554] - The Elasticsearch backend defaults to a 10 element hit limit
  • [HSEARCH-3557] - ZonedDateTime at later offset during DST change gets parsed incorrectly

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-2464] - Add support for "missing"/"exists" predicates
  • [HSEARCH-2518] - Allow to assign a name to an analyzer class/instance
  • [HSEARCH-2534] - Allow using query-only analyzer definitions with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-3312] - Allow analyzer/normalizer overrides on a per-predicate basis


  • [HSEARCH-3051] - Search 6 groundwork - Restore the Elasticsearch AWS integration
  • [HSEARCH-3070] - Remove the concept of ServiceManager
  • [HSEARCH-3375] - Fail the build on javadoc warnings
  • [HSEARCH-3530] - Update the date formats in the reference documentation
  • [HSEARCH-3531] - Upgrade to Lucene 8.0.0
  • [HSEARCH-3532] - Fix the java module name for hibernate-search-util-common
  • [HSEARCH-3533] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.2
  • [HSEARCH-3542] - Fix transient failures in OrmLibraryShowcaseIT#searchAroundMe_spatial
  • [HSEARCH-3550] - Fix the many problems of java module integration tests


  • [HSEARCH-2757] - Allow usage of FieldSelectors when using Spatial indexing
  • [HSEARCH-3507] - Improve consistency of naming for methods related to native Elasticsearch/Lucene features (fromJsonString, etc.)
  • [HSEARCH-3510] - Change the syntax of predicates/sorts on raw fields from onRawField(...).matching() to onField(...).matchingRaw()?
  • [HSEARCH-3521] - Move index-specific configuration properties below the<backend name>.indexes property
  • [HSEARCH-3543] - Allow to set GeoPointBridges as sortable to enable distance sorts
  • [HSEARCH-3555] - Document the range of years supported by each backend for date/time types

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