Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Alpha5 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-3534] - Default value for "minimumShouldMatch" is different between Elasticsearch and Lucene
  • [HSEARCH-3535] - Parameters are inverted in minimumShouldMatch error message
  • [HSEARCH-3552] - Field type compatibility checks ignore the analyzer
  • [HSEARCH-3559] - Obsolete<index name> syntax for property keys in the documentation
  • [HSEARCH-3561] - "transpositions" setting is ignored for FuzzyQuery in the Elasticsearch integration
  • [HSEARCH-3566] - Reindexing is not triggered when an association mentioned in an IndexingDependency.derivedFrom is updated

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-1656] - Recognize annotations from implemented interfaces
  • [HSEARCH-3297] - Add an API to declare reindexing conditions in bridges


  • [HSEARCH-3058] - Search 6 groundwork - Add generic type parameters to PropertyHandle
  • [HSEARCH-3099] - Search 6 groundwork - Restore support for "indexNullAs" in @Field
  • [HSEARCH-3298] - Search 6 groundwork - Mark the accessor-based entity access API and explicit reindexing declaration API in bridges as experimental
  • [HSEARCH-3467] - Add tests for all the attributes validated by the Elasticsearch schema validator
  • [HSEARCH-3547] - Use different times for LocalDateTime and OffsetDateTime values used in backend TCK
  • [HSEARCH-3568] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.7.1


Remove Feature

  • [HSEARCH-2465] - Drop support for @IndexedEmbedded.indexNullAs
  • [HSEARCH-3553] - Remove support for "default" null tokens

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