Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-1108] - programmatic API doesn't work correctly for entities with @MappedSuperclass parent
  • [HSEARCH-3684] - @IndexedEmbedded.includePaths includes fields one level too deep in some cases
  • [HSEARCH-3725] - IllegalStateException thrown by Gson while encoding Elasticsearch requests
  • [HSEARCH-3726] - Exceptions are not propagated from the Elasticsearch backend to the mapper when using IndexingPlan or automatic indexing
  • [HSEARCH-3727] - Elasticsearch orchestrators do not wait for single-work worksets to finish with ElasticsearchParallelWorkProcessor
  • [HSEARCH-3733] - BatchExecutor sometimes forgets to schedule the processor since HSEARCH-3084
  • [HSEARCH-3734] - Configuration property is ignored
  • [HSEARCH-3736] - Lucene startup creates an unnecessary IndexWriter
  • [HSEARCH-3740] - ValueReadHandle fails to report exceptions if the call to entity.toString() fails

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-3042] - Allow the definition of one "search" analyzer per field as part of the mapping


  • [HSEARCH-3084] - Initialize and close index managers / backends in parallel
  • [HSEARCH-3110] - Search 6 groundwork - Restore support for ErrorHandler
  • [HSEARCH-3486] - Upgrade to forbiddenApis 2.7 and configure JDK12/13 signatures
  • [HSEARCH-3653] - Run Elasticsearch in JDK11 by default in the Jenkinsfile
  • [HSEARCH-3721] - Remove deprecated methods that were already present in 6.0.0.Beta1
  • [HSEARCH-3722] - Fix the artifact ID of the ORM mapper integration tests module
  • [HSEARCH-3739] - Test MassIndexer interruption/cancellation and fix it if necessary
  • [HSEARCH-3742] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.7.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3743] - Generate Java 13/14 bytecode for tests when building with JDK13/14
  • [HSEARCH-3744] - Upgrade integration tests to Spring 2.2.0
  • [HSEARCH-3745] - Fix test failures on AWS related to PUT /_cluster/settings


  • [HSEARCH-3193] - Search 6 groundwork - Contribute descending sort support for Lucene's LatLonPointSortField
  • [HSEARCH-3640] - Expose backends/indexes through the ORM mapper APIs
  • [HSEARCH-3694] - Support distance sorts on single-valued fields in nested documents
  • [HSEARCH-3720] - Rename the mapper-pojo artifact to make it clearer that it's just an abstract base
  • [HSEARCH-3723] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.4.0
  • [HSEARCH-3724] - Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.10
  • [HSEARCH-3728] - All background operations should propagate exceptions from the mapper to the user thread
  • [HSEARCH-3730] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.6
  • [HSEARCH-3735] - Report failures in work executions only once, at the mapper level
  • [HSEARCH-3741] - Expose the index name in IndexFailureContext


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