Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Beta3 - HTML format



  • [HSEARCH-1799] - FullTextQueryImpl raises java.sql.QueryTimeoutException
  • [HSEARCH-3755] - Configuration property checking displays the wrong name for the property controlling its behavior
  • [HSEARCH-3783] - query.explain() with the Elasticsearch backend fails when using projections or multi-tenancy

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-1401] - Allow integrators to declare entities whose structure is defined programmatically ("free-form")
  • [HSEARCH-2399] - Implement timeouts for the Elasticsearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-3135] - Allow the definition of domain specific annotations for ValueBridges
  • [HSEARCH-3496] - Customization of Elasticsearch search requests
  • [HSEARCH-3662] - Define aggregations from JSON with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-3765] - Add minimal support for Index Aliases


  • [HSEARCH-3352] - Search 6 groundwork - Restore support for search query timeouts
  • [HSEARCH-3693] - Search 6 groundwork Restore missing log messages from Search 5 in Search 6
  • [HSEARCH-3716] - Mitigate test failures caused by automatic snapshots of AWS-managed Elasticsearch service
  • [HSEARCH-3717] - Allow the use of native field types in ValueBridge
  • [HSEARCH-3732] - Add a timeout to the Jenkins build configuration
  • [HSEARCH-3737] - Test against AWS-hosted ES 7.1
  • [HSEARCH-3748] - Remove the bridge-based programmatic mapping APIs for TypeBridge, PropertyBridge and RoutingKeyBridge
  • [HSEARCH-3750] - Use auto-expanding entries in the documentation TOC
  • [HSEARCH-3753] - Mark the ContainerExtractor API as experimental
  • [HSEARCH-3754] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.8.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3763] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.9.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3770] - Upgrade to elasticsearch-maven-plugin 6.15
  • [HSEARCH-3780] - Fix random failures in ElasticsearchClientFactoryImplIT
  • [HSEARCH-3781] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.10.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3782] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.5.0


  • [HSEARCH-2389] - Support "exists" predicate for @IndexedEmbedded
  • [HSEARCH-3456] - Expose meta-information about the query execution (execution time, timeout, ...)
  • [HSEARCH-3634] - Clarify the error message when a @Transient property is missing a @IndexingDependency annotation
  • [HSEARCH-3657] - Switch to docvalues instead of stored fields for Hibernate Search metadata in Lucene/ES documents
  • [HSEARCH-3712] - Simplify the definition of DSL converters and projection converters
  • [HSEARCH-3756] - Use commas instead of blanks as separators for multi-valued properties
  • [HSEARCH-3757] - Configure the protocol used to contact Elasticsearch separately
  • [HSEARCH-3758] - Upgrade to Lucene 8.3.0
  • [HSEARCH-3761] - Use GSON rather than strings to pass JSON objects around in Elasticsearch APIs
  • [HSEARCH-3764] - Allow disabling conversion in the ID predicate
  • [HSEARCH-3766] - Provide simple annotations for applying binders to types/properties
  • [HSEARCH-3784] - Avoid storing the index name in the index for each document
  • [HSEARCH-3788] - Use a simpler prefix for metadata fields in Elasticsearch

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