Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Beta4 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-3802] - query.fetchTotalHitCounts always fails when setting a timeout with Elasticsearch


  • [HSEARCH-3171] - Test using CDI beans referenced by their name
  • [HSEARCH-3746] - IndexWorkspacePurgeIT fails on windows
  • [HSEARCH-3773] - Simplify how HibernateOrmMappingContext/HibernateOrmSessionContext are implemented
  • [HSEARCH-3790] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.6.16
  • [HSEARCH-3792] - Fix warnings issued when starting Elasticsearch in integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-3794] - Break down large files in the documentation source into multiple, smaller files
  • [HSEARCH-3795] - Get rid of Version.logVersion()
  • [HSEARCH-3798] - Test sorting on numeric fields without specifying missing value behavior
  • [HSEARCH-3800] - Add experimental tests with Hibernate Search with JDK15
  • [HSEARCH-3804] - Upgrade to Arquillian 1.5/Shrinkwrap 3.1.3
  • [HSEARCH-3805] - Override repositories in Karaf/Paxexam config
  • [HSEARCH-3811] - Various attempts at improving bootstrap performance
  • [HSEARCH-3813] - Automatically skip Elasticsearch instance creation when skipping tests


  • [HSEARCH-1828] - Clarify documentation about ways to disable Hibernate Search
  • [HSEARCH-3418] - Document that Instants are truncated to the millisecond when indexed
  • [HSEARCH-3461] - Do not optimize the indexes by default after mass indexing and document the drawbacks
  • [HSEARCH-3629] - Move search query loading options to a better place in the search query DSL
  • [HSEARCH-3729] - Give more information about failures to MassIndexer users
  • [HSEARCH-3786] - Lucene projections on fields in nested documents should limit children collection to the top docs
  • [HSEARCH-3793] - Document usage of the "exists" predicate on object fields
  • [HSEARCH-3797] - Two-phase projections in the Lucene backend
  • [HSEARCH-3803] - Support IdentifierBridge with provided IDs
  • [HSEARCH-3810] - Rework JBoss logging formatters: execute computationally intensive operations in toString rather than the constructor
  • [HSEARCH-3812] - Be more consistent with timeout messages in search queries across backends (Lucene/ES)

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