Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Beta6 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2859] - Current implementation of SpatialBridge prevents multi-valued locations
  • [HSEARCH-3844] - NullPointerException when using simpleQueryString() on non-analyzed, non-normalized fields
  • [HSEARCH-3845] - Prefix query in SimpleQueryString predicate is case sensitive
  • [HSEARCH-3848] - Dynamic entities are ignored when creating a scope targeting Object.class
  • [HSEARCH-3851] - Entities whose indexing failed are not reported when even just one document ID cannot be converted
  • [HSEARCH-3852] - Failure to index reports the wrong document ID with Elasticsearch discriminator multi-tenancy
  • [HSEARCH-3857] - ConcurrentModificationException in very specific scenarios when indexing multiple entities with addOrUpdate which contains @IndexEmbedded dependencies
  • [HSEARCH-3859] - .desc().missing().last() / .asc().missing().first() places documents around 0 instead of last/first
  • [HSEARCH-3861] - Elasticsearch search queries fetch the whole document source by default
  • [HSEARCH-3869] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when an Elasticsearch bulk work fails
  • [HSEARCH-3874] - @IdClass, even not @Indexed, leads to NPE on bootstrap

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-3103] - Sorts on multi-valued fields
  • [HSEARCH-3751] - dropAndCreateSchema() as an alternative to purge() in the MassIndexer
  • [HSEARCH-3759] - Initialization options and APIs
  • [HSEARCH-3841] - Offline startup of the Elasticsearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-3847] - Customize enabled syntax elements in simple query strings


  • [HSEARCH-3814] - Mark experimental APIs/SPIs with an @Incubating annotation
  • [HSEARCH-3822] - Restore support for concurrent Lucene work execution - at least during mass indexing
  • [HSEARCH-3843] - Test Hibernate Search with JDK15 regularly
  • [HSEARCH-3854] - Remove the unnecessary generic type parameter for DocumentElement
  • [HSEARCH-3858] - upgrade maven-checkstyle-plugin to 3.1.1
  • [HSEARCH-3860] - Refactor FieldSearchSortIT to enable testing more complex cases
  • [HSEARCH-3865] - Clean up any change to the permission of index files during tests
  • [HSEARCH-3866] - Stop testing against JDK13 in the CI build
  • [HSEARCH-3868] - Fix SearchQueryResultLoadingOrTransformingIT failures caused by incorrectly expecting ordered hits
  • [HSEARCH-3876] - Fix random failures in ElasticsearchClientFactoryImplIT


  • [HSEARCH-3575] - Add configuration options for the size and number of indexing queues, and the max size of Elasticsearch bulks
  • [HSEARCH-3719] - Support a "degraded mode" where failure to contact Elasticsearch or index documents does not affect the whole application
  • [HSEARCH-3752] - Implicit nested predicates
  • [HSEARCH-3796] - @IndexedEmbedded should be repeatable
  • [HSEARCH-3849] - Create-or-validate schema management by default
  • [HSEARCH-3850] - Expose a tool to build property keys
  • [HSEARCH-3867] - Upgrade to Lucene 8.5.0
  • [HSEARCH-3870] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.6.1
  • [HSEARCH-3871] - Always enable delayed commits in the Lucene backend
  • [HSEARCH-3872] - Simplify and improve ordering and parallelism of Elasticsearch indexing
  • [HSEARCH-3873] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.13.Final

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