Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.Beta8 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-550] - Using Programmatic API, the document ID is not inherited
  • [HSEARCH-551] - Using Programmatic API, getters are not inherited
  • [HSEARCH-962] - HibernateOrmCriteriaEntityLoader needs to execute multiple queries in cases where the underlying database has a limit on the total amount of query parameters
  • [HSEARCH-3913] - @FullTextField.aggregable doesn't do anything

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-1865] - Extend public meta-data API to provide information on embedded properties/fields
  • [HSEARCH-3628] - Finer loading options in search queries (fetch graph, ...)


  • [HSEARCH-1231] - Inherit @Indexed annotations by default
  • [HSEARCH-1807] - Provide SPIs required by ISPN query
  • [HSEARCH-1853] - Expose facet metadata in public metadata API
  • [HSEARCH-3072] - Search 6 groundwork - Restore support for @IndexedEmbedded.targetElement (now targetType)
  • [HSEARCH-3097] - Search 6 groundwork - Deprecate the IndexedEmbedded "prefix" feature
  • [HSEARCH-3275] - Search 6 groundwork - Move to a stable implementation of Lucene spatial support
  • [HSEARCH-3842] - Expose a global option to use ReindexOnUpdate.NO as a default
  • [HSEARCH-3855] - Improve formatting of logged indexing processors and reindexing resolvers
  • [HSEARCH-3902] - Expose addOrUpdate/delete/purge on IndexIndexer/PojoIndexer
  • [HSEARCH-3912] - Increase the amount of RAM assigned to Elasticsearch in integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-3915] - Upgrade to the Ubuntu Bionic environment in .travis.yml
  • [HSEARCH-3916] - DynamicTemplateJsonAdapterFactory should be public
  • [HSEARCH-3918] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.7.0
  • [HSEARCH-3919] - Add test configuration to test AWS Elasticsearch Service 7.4
  • [HSEARCH-3920] - Update tests to take advantage of the latest changes to test utils
  • [HSEARCH-3921] - Fix a typo in the index layout documentation
  • [HSEARCH-3922] - Remove "get"/"set" prefixes from API methods
  • [HSEARCH-3923] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.16.Final
  • [HSEARCH-3924] - Hide obvious getters and setters from the documentation examples
  • [HSEARCH-3925] - Move away from session.byId for entity loading
  • [HSEARCH-3928] - Rename PropertyMappingIndexedEmbeddedStep#extractors() (no parameters) to "noExtractors"
  • [HSEARCH-3931] - Fix the dataset used in performance tests
  • [HSEARCH-3933] - Fix reset expectations and verify expectations met for the stub backend


  • [HSEARCH-661] - Improve documentation around query dsl options like ignoreAnalyzer and ignoreFieldBridge
  • [HSEARCH-1086] - Have more user friendly messages upon incorrect types in query DSLs
  • [HSEARCH-1301] - Trigger/Set analyzer in classbridge
  • [HSEARCH-1344] - Offer compiler or runtime error if range types are incompatible in range faceting
  • [HSEARCH-3584] - Support ORM bytecode enhancement when embeddables, mapped superclasses or entity hierarchies are involved
  • [HSEARCH-3772] - Allow mapping the document id to non-entity-id properties for ORM's dynamic-map entity types
  • [HSEARCH-3930] - Upgrade to Lucene Lucene 8.5.2
  • [HSEARCH-3932] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.17.Final

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