Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 6.0.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2836] - Timeouts start when the request is submitted to the client, leading to systematic timeout when client is under heavy load
  • [HSEARCH-3905] - exists() predicate ignores dynamic fields among children of the targeted object field with the Lucene backend
  • [HSEARCH-4048] - Relative precedence of object field templates vs. value field templates is not always taken into account
  • [HSEARCH-4070] - Lucene scroll ignores totalHitCountThreshold
  • [HSEARCH-4079] - Search query always times out when timeout is lower than 1ms
  • [HSEARCH-4080] - Lucene total hit count is wrongly considered exact on timeout

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-2584] - Introduce some commonly used Analyzer definitions by default
  • [HSEARCH-4046] - Expose a map of static children by name in the metamodel of object fields
  • [HSEARCH-4056] - Expose the index size from LuceneIndexManager


  • [HSEARCH-3056] - Search 6 groundwork - Remove uses of lambdas where they don't bring much
  • [HSEARCH-3269] - Restore support for JSR-352 integration
  • [HSEARCH-3283] - Add an extensive migration guide to the documentation and/or website to help users migrate from Search 5 to Search 6
  • [HSEARCH-3308] - Check Search 6 log/exception messages and use Search 5 messages instead (with Search 5 ID) where possible
  • [HSEARCH-3356] - Use consistent phrasing in log messages and exceptions
  • [HSEARCH-3402] - Apply recommendations from Async/reactive development experts for our async APIs
  • [HSEARCH-3996] - Double check all Log file offsets
  • [HSEARCH-4021] - Move the tests to log4j2
  • [HSEARCH-4024] - Upgrade integration tests to the latest version of Spring Boot
  • [HSEARCH-4044] - Rename JSR-352 artifacts and move them to reflect their ties to the ORM mapper
  • [HSEARCH-4045] - Infer tools.jar location (for Byteman) correctly even when a different JVM is used for Maven and Surefire/Failsafe
  • [HSEARCH-4049] - Test the JSR-352 module with JBeret
  • [HSEARCH-4051] - Restore support for configuring a path prefix for Elasticsearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-4052] - Add missing properties such as "directory_provider" to HibernateSearch5Properties
  • [HSEARCH-4053] - Remove the "legacy" directory from the codebase
  • [HSEARCH-4054] - Upgrade to JUnit 4.13.1
  • [HSEARCH-4055] - Add the mapper-pojo-base module to the javadoc
  • [HSEARCH-4058] - Remove any anchor link from legacy documentation referencing Batch JSR-351 documentation
  • [HSEARCH-4060] - Investigate unusually long execution of integration tests with AWS Elasticsearch Service 7.7
  • [HSEARCH-4061] - Clean up a few obsolete entries in the POM
  • [HSEARCH-4063] - Upgrade all publicly exposed dependencies to their latest available version
  • [HSEARCH-4064] - Add warnings in the documentation about concurrent updates to the same entity in a clustered application
  • [HSEARCH-4071] - Remove deprecated configuration properties
  • [HSEARCH-4073] - Fix code smells detected by Sonar - 2020-10
  • [HSEARCH-4075] - Upgrade to Hibernate Annotations 5.1.1.Final
  • [HSEARCH-4076] - Document loggers
  • [HSEARCH-4077] - Avoid extra logging when using ExpectedLog4jLog
  • [HSEARCH-4078] - Fix transient failure in LibraryShowcaseMassIndexingIT
  • [HSEARCH-4081] - Update copyright.txt
  • [HSEARCH-4082] - Suppress warnings from Forbiddenapis about classes not found in the classpath
  • [HSEARCH-4083] - JQassistant does not collect any information from modules
  • [HSEARCH-4084] - Add a mvnw executable to the repository
  • [HSEARCH-4085] - Upgrade to HCANN 5.1.2.Final
  • [HSEARCH-4086] - Test Hibernate Search against Elasticsearch 7.8 on AWS
  • [HSEARCH-4087] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.23.Final
  • [HSEARCH-4090] - Mention in the migration guide that the migration helper is only for Lucene-based applications
  • [HSEARCH-4091] - Remove the "preview" status from Hibernate Search 6
  • [HSEARCH-4092] - Remove incorrect documentation related to sharding


  • [HSEARCH-3990] - Optimize the retrieval of topDocs in very long Lucene scrolls
  • [HSEARCH-4000] - @IndexingDependency, @AssociationInverseSide should be repeatable
  • [HSEARCH-4006] - More explicit failure message when two types target the same index
  • [HSEARCH-4023] - Expose the total hit count in scroll results
  • [HSEARCH-4040] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.9.2
  • [HSEARCH-4047] - More explicit error messages when attempting to use features specific to value fields on an object field
  • [HSEARCH-4068] - Skip non-competitive hits when running a MatchAllDocsQuery with descending score sort with Lucene

Remove Feature

  • [HSEARCH-4041] - Remove deprecated interfaces/methods introduced during the Alphas/Betas of 6.0.0

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