Release Notes - Bean Validation - Version 2.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [BVAL-627] - Build - Always download new artifacts on CI

New Feature

  • [BVAL-517] - Define module name for BV API
  • [BVAL-579] - Support OptionalInt, OptionalLong, OptionalDouble
  • [BVAL-592] - Consider container element constraints in node builder API


  • [BVAL-526] - Restart example numbering for each chapter
  • [BVAL-600] - Only use the CustomRoleBlockProcessor for the DocBook output
  • [BVAL-603] - Clarify that CDI is available to value extractors
  • [BVAL-605] - Avoid empty initialize() methods in spec examples
  • [BVAL-607] - Fix wrong message key in example constraint
  • [BVAL-609] - Consider JavaFX's set types in the list of built-in extractors
  • [BVAL-610] - Inject the section id constants in tck-audit.xml
  • [BVAL-611] - Use the new hibernate-asciidoctor-extensions project
  • [BVAL-614] - Use new Ant 1.9 features to simplify the dependency management in our build.xml
  • [BVAL-615] - Use the new asciidoctor-ant core artifact and upgrade to the latest Asciidoctor
  • [BVAL-617] - Fix typo "in happening" in Group conversion paragraph
  • [BVAL-620] - Clarify semantics when @Valid is used for a collection in the old and the new style at the same time

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