Release Notes - z- Hibernate Metamodel Generator - Version 1.3.0.Final - HTML format


  • [METAGEN-81] - @Embeddable entities don't inherit the access type if it comes from the hierarchy of the containing class
  • [METAGEN-82] - Inconsistencies in the way @MappedSuperClass entities are considered
  • [METAGEN-85] - MixedConfigurationTest failing
  • [METAGEN-86] - Generator exits when discovering <xml-mapping-metadata-complete/> in ANY persistence unit
  • [METAGEN-88] - End of line in DOS format is hard-coded on ImportContextImpl on "Hibernate Metamodel Generator"
  • [METAGEN-90] - Wrong typed metamodel SetAttribute (using an implemented interface)
  • [METAGEN-91] - Metamodel generation miss embedded id field if class extends a mapped super class
  • [METAGEN-92] - Hibernate Metamodel Generator is not aware of persistence.xml for JPA 2.1
  • [METAGEN-94] - MappedSuperclassWithoutExplicitIdTest failing on certain operating systems


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