Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [OGM-384] - Add documentation for CouchDB dialect


  • [OGM-387] - Add integration test for an app deploying both an ORM PU and an OGM PU
  • [OGM-394] - Avoid test failures to fail other tests as well
  • [OGM-397] - Correctly access "tuplesByTableName" CouchDB view
  • [OGM-413] - Make sure OGM specific property settings are set and kept on
  • [OGM-416] - Stackoverflow when using an OGM and ORM PU at the same time
  • [OGM-440] - Remove unused naming strategy setting in OgmIntegrator
  • [OGM-443] - Updates operations in Ehcache dialect are only applied in memory

New Feature

  • [OGM-14] - Support TypedQuery in OgmEntityManager
  • [OGM-15] - Support named queries
  • [OGM-21] - Support EntityManager#createQuery(String)
  • [OGM-207] - Make MongoDB's association storage strategy available per association
  • [OGM-262] - Support CouchDB database
  • [OGM-363] - Add support for @NamedNativeQuery
  • [OGM-389] - Support entity embedded mode for associations with CouchDB backend


  • [OGM-206] - Rename PropertyMetadataProvider and local variables
  • [OGM-310] - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 4.3.0.Beta4
  • [OGM-340] - Create integration tests for Wildfly
  • [OGM-352] - Describe option configuration mechanism in the reference documentation
  • [OGM-361] - Remove the started flag from InfinispanDatastoreProvider
  • [OGM-362] - Update to Infinspan 6.x
  • [OGM-375] - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 4.3.0.Final
  • [OGM-380] - Javadoc improvement for Option class
  • [OGM-385] - Use more natural format for CouchDB documents
  • [OGM-392] - Make CouchDB _rev attribute usable in entities
  • [OGM-395] - Remove reference to build property buildDocs
  • [OGM-399] - Upgrade to Infinispan 6.0.0.Final
  • [OGM-404] - BuiltInTypeTest sometimes fails because of the TimeZone
  • [OGM-418] - Upgrade to WildFly 8.0.0.CR1
  • [OGM-423] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.5.0.CR1 and related HQL Parser 1.0.0.Alpha6
  • [OGM-430] - Go for version 4.1 after the move to JPA 2.1
  • [OGM-438] - Introduce a helper to test Infinispan in clustered mode
  • [OGM-459] - Don't deploy distribution (tar.gz, zip) to Nexus


  • [OGM-37] - Use externalizers for serializable types in Infinispan
  • [OGM-107] - Collect properties and regroup them under a Environment interface or something equivalent
  • [OGM-200] - Rethink packaging for datastores
  • [OGM-232] - Introduce a settings interface to host configuration names constants
  • [OGM-292] - Reorganize OGM packages for datastores
  • [OGM-351] - Provide typed APIs for putting and retrieving multi-valued and unique options
  • [OGM-378] - Make dependency to hibernate-search-orm mandatory for Infinispan module
  • [OGM-381] - Add Neo4j dependencies only once to distribution file
  • [OGM-391] - Avoid fetching complete document just for deletion with CouchDB backend
  • [OGM-393] - Split notion of option and option value
  • [OGM-398] - Create separate design documents for production and test views in CouchDB
  • [OGM-400] - Store bytes as numeric value in CouchDB, calendar/date as ISO8601 strings
  • [OGM-402] - Only skip CouchDB tests instead of complete module when no server is configured
  • [OGM-403] - Remove unnecessary repos and dependency
  • [OGM-408] - Align classname hosting each datastore provider properties names
  • [OGM-410] - Use common ConfigurationPropertyReader for accessing configuration values
  • [OGM-415] - Support authenticated access to CouchDB
  • [OGM-422] - Adapt CheckStyle rules to allow imports only used in JavaDoc
  • [OGM-425] - Documentation updates for 4.1.0.Beta1 release
  • [OGM-432] - Never store @ElementCollection members in association documents
  • [OGM-435] - Make key objects not Serializable
  • [OGM-444] - Align name and access semantics of properties representing external configuration files

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