Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.0.Beta7 - HTML format


  • [OGM-324] - Convert JP-QL queries on properties of @Embeddable objects to MongoDB queries


  • [OGM-587] - Saving an entity with an embedded document containing a list fails in mongodb with com.mongodb.MongoException$DuplicateKey error

New Feature

  • [OGM-454] - Reorganize OGM packages into proper APIs, SPIs and impls
  • [OGM-526] - Add support for ObjectId in MongoDB


  • [OGM-373] - Add integration test case module for Neo4j
  • [OGM-458] - Automate the release process
  • [OGM-595] - Set USE_NEW_ID_GENERATOR_MAPPINGS in OgmConfiguration
  • [OGM-610] - Rename GridDialect#update* methods


  • [OGM-436] - Use store-assigned ids for GenerationType IDENTITY in MongoDB
  • [OGM-521] - Investigate more natural @OneToOne association mappings for Neo4j
  • [OGM-522] - Cache and re-use queries for CRUD operations in Neo4j
  • [OGM-547] - Ensure uniqueness of id per entity type on Neo4j
  • [OGM-582] - Update "Getting started" section to fit for Neo4j
  • [OGM-592] - Move some constant data from AssociationKey to AssociationKeyMetadata
  • [OGM-596] - Integration test should download EAP from a repository
  • [OGM-600] - Avoid exponential growth of required grid dialect delegator classes when adding further facet interfaces
  • [OGM-602] - Configure Maven Clirr plug-in for tracking API/SPI changes
  • [OGM-607] - Remove GridDialect#createTupleAssociation()
  • [OGM-611] - Neo4jDialect#createTuple() should not touch the DB

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