Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.0.Beta8 - HTML format


  • [OGM-615] - Avoid re-read prior to update/deletion if not required


  • [OGM-612] - Error when entity has ObjectID and Embeddable in MongoDB
  • [OGM-624] - EmbeddableTest fails with CouchDB and JDK 8
  • [OGM-628] - Documentation build fails with JDK 8
  • [OGM-629] - CouchDB dialect fails to persist element collections in nested embeddables
  • [OGM-630] - The test is OptimisticLockingTest#updatingEntityUsingOldVersionCausesExceptionUsingAtomicFindAndUpdate fails on CI


  • [OGM-622] - Update Neo4j to version 2.1.5


  • [OGM-396] - Add test for optimistic locking
  • [OGM-469] - Fetch embedded associations when getting the hosting tuple in MongoDB
  • [OGM-536] - Provide a way to keep a reference to the store-specific representation of entities
  • [OGM-591] - Persist OneToOne associations as singular attribute in MongoDB
  • [OGM-619] - Update Arquillian and remove superfluous version configuration
  • [OGM-625] - Avoid datastore access during association creation in MongoDB

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