Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.1.Final - HTML format


  • [OGM-697] - [Infinispan] Fix manual clear of the atomic map when Infinispan 7.0.3 is used
  • [OGM-701] - The MongoDB Datastore provider must authenticate against the specified database
  • [OGM-702] - Native query fails when entity has an embedded id
  • [OGM-704] - Don't persist association properties on inverse side of bi-directional association
  • [OGM-716] - The distribution package is not created anymore and it requires some updates

New Feature

  • [OGM-401] - Add support for attributes of types short and float
  • [OGM-640] - Add support for attribute of type Character
  • [OGM-705] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.3


  • [OGM-621] - The BOM POM should not export test dependencies
  • [OGM-708] - Improve warning message OGM000060 triggered by OgmSequenceGenerator which does not give the true dialect
  • [OGM-710] - Remove unneeded dependencies and dependency exports from WildFly modules
  • [OGM-714] - Update to Hibernate ORM 4.3.8.Final
  • [OGM-715] - Make dependency to "hibernate-hql-lucene" optional

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