Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.3.Final - HTML format


  • [OGM-265] - MongoDB throws an exception when updating an entity that is an inner class
  • [OGM-412] - Make sure OGM pulses the transaction coordinator like ORM
  • [OGM-665] - Integration tests cannot be built on Windows
  • [OGM-749] - [bonus issue] Write a script to extract the release notes
  • [OGM-764] - The regex pattern to validate trailing empty lines is broken on Windows
  • [OGM-765] - The PackagingRule test helper is leaking file handlers and preventing test cleanup

New Feature

  • [OGM-718] - Make sure RESOURCE_LOCAL persistence unit do not require a transaction manager


  • [OGM-758] - Several testing resources are duplicated (ambiguous) on classpath during integration tests
  • [OGM-759] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.1.0.Final
  • [OGM-760] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.1.1.Final
  • [OGM-762] - Composite IDs used in tests should have an equals and hashcode defined
  • [OGM-772] - Rename SchemaInitializingObserver as SchemaDefiningObserver


  • [OGM-171] - Make Hibernate Search query use FIND_BY_ID instead of QUERY as we don't implement Criteria
  • [OGM-755] - [Neo4J] Disable Cypher queries log
  • [OGM-757] - Document purpose of InternalProperties#OGM_ON
  • [OGM-761] - Clarify need to download the Hibernate Search modules separately

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