Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 5.2.0.Alpha1 - HTML format



  • [OGM-1272] - Infinispan configuration handling is making caches transactional as side-effect
  • [OGM-1286] - file in Hibernate OGM repository has incorrect links
  • [OGM-1288] - Recursive structures don't load from Neo4j properly
  • [OGM-1290] - 'target' node in Neo4j association queries needs to be qualified with a label
  • [OGM-1292] - Neo4j Embedded dialect does not check which side of the association has the owner
  • [OGM-1294] - MongoDB - Properties of child object in an inheritance hierarchies are not loaded when coming from a relation
  • [OGM-1303] - Remote Neo4j - NPE during transaction commit when dealing with inverse relations

New Feature

  • [OGM-1285] - Group operations for infinispan
  • [OGM-1291] - Update Byteman to version 3.0.10
  • [OGM-1293] - Allow multiple issues for the jiraKey attribute of @TestForIssue
  • [OGM-1308] - Move changes to 'core' that needs for OrientDB and Ignite modules


  • [OGM-588] - Revert work-around required due to ORM version update
  • [OGM-1266] - Remove unused class ProducerConsumerQueue
  • [OGM-1271] - Upgrade to Infinispan 8.2.6.Final
  • [OGM-1295] - Upgrade Hibernate Search to 5.6.2.Final
  • [OGM-1296] - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 5.1.9.Final
  • [OGM-1297] - Upgrade Neo4j to 3.2.3 and the Neo4j driver to 1.4.2
  • [OGM-1298] - Make the minimal JDK version 8
  • [OGM-1299] - Update jboss-logging to the version used in WildFly 10.1 (3.3.0)
  • [OGM-1300] - Upgrade MongoDB driver to 3.5.0 and MongoDB to 3.4.6
  • [OGM-1304] - Remove requirement for CLA by adding a
  • [OGM-1306] - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 5.1.10.Final


  • [OGM-650] - Create new repositories for community supported dialects
  • [OGM-1246] - Support mapreduce native queries in MongoDB
  • [OGM-1247] - Support distinct native queries in MongoDB
  • [OGM-1270] - Upgrade to Fongo 2.0.12
  • [OGM-1274] - Verify that the required Infinispan Externalizers have been registered
  • [OGM-1275] - Allow Infinispan to auto-register our custom Externalizers via service discovery
  • [OGM-1281] - Native mapping tests for MongoDB are not comparing binary values
  • [OGM-1284] - Fix Hibernate OGM configuration on WildFly
  • [OGM-1309] - Set the max size of Neo4j page cache


  • [OGM-1267] - Javadoc in OgmEntityPersister refers to the wrong kind of ErrorHandler

Remove Feature

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