Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 5.2.0.Final - HTML format


  • [OGM-1384] - Storage of Infinispan counters need to be Storage.PERSISTENT

New Feature

  • [OGM-983] - Create integration with Apache Ignite (and GridGain)


  • [OGM-1206] - Highlight the referential integrity problem better in the Hot Rod documentation
  • [OGM-1381] - Upgrade to Infinispan 9.1.5.Final


  • [OGM-1262] - Remove from the documentation everything that is not experimental anymore for 5.2 Final
  • [OGM-1385] - Add paragraph about counters in the Infinispan dialect
  • [OGM-1386] - Upgrade MongoDB driver to 3.6.2

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