Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 5.4.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [OGM-1222] - Duplicate insert on mutate within entitymanager lifecycle
  • [OGM-1510] - Remove references to org.infinispan.protostream.impl package

New Feature

  • [OGM-1287] - Create a property to look up native nosql connection via JNDI
  • [OGM-1346] - MongoDB - Add GeometryCollection to spatial support
  • [OGM-1462] - Support indexes in Neo4j
  • [OGM-1478] - Throw proper exception when EntityManager#getCriteriaBuilder() is called


  • [OGM-1479] - Remove dependency to Javassist
  • [OGM-1480] - Upgrade Infinispan to 9.3.0.Beta1
  • [OGM-1483] - Define Infinispan Remote Protobuf schema providing the final file
  • [OGM-1489] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.3.2.Final
  • [OGM-1490] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.10.2.Final
  • [OGM-1491] - Provide a test using custom Identity Generator in core TCK
  • [OGM-1493] - Upgrade Infinispan to 9.3.0.CR1
  • [OGM-1495] - Use Infinispan remote clustered counters to implement @SequenceGenerator.
  • [OGM-1499] - Update integration tests to use WildFly 13.0.0.Final
  • [OGM-1502] - Upgrade Infinispan to 9.3.0.Final
  • [OGM-1503] - Remove deprecated dependencies hibernate-java8 ad hibernate-entitymanager
  • [OGM-1506] - Introduce a Maven profile to test on JDK10


  • [OGM-1420] - @ElementCollection - doesn't retrieve MongoDB array
  • [OGM-1427] - Infinispan remote stored procedure (Remote Task) support
  • [OGM-1442] - Remove temporary Infinispan client WF feature pack redistribution module
  • [OGM-1484] - Support of property selections (projection queries) in JPQL for Apache Ignite
  • [OGM-1485] - Infinispan Remote support all JoinTable association type use cases
  • [OGM-1496] - Improve the message to user when MongoDB does not like index and unique constraint on field.
  • [OGM-1505] - Allow building and testing the Neo4J integration on JDK9


  • [OGM-1430] - Support scripting for remote mode
  • [OGM-1431] - Support server tasks for Infinispan remote

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