Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 5.4.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [OGM-1512] - Flush operation after a cascade delete could prejudice commit
  • [OGM-1513] - Join columns might keep reference to some previously associated, but then deleted, entities

New Feature

  • [OGM-1501] - Add support for ReadConcern
  • [OGM-1515] - Support Java 8 LocalDate and LocalDateTime


  • [OGM-1511] - Infinispan Remote: remove thread local serializzation context
  • [OGM-1514] - Document the remote task feature
  • [OGM-1516] - Provide a default value for HotRod configuration_resource_name
  • [OGM-1517] - Run Hibernate OGM without its provider persistence property
  • [OGM-1518] - Provide a default for most of HotRod properties
  • [OGM-1519] - Test java.time fields are mapped to the correct type
  • [OGM-1522] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.3.6.Final (and related dependencies)
  • [OGM-1525] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.10.4.Final
  • [OGM-1526] - Upgrade to Infinispan 9.3.3


  • [OGM-1408] - Review the Infinispan chapter in Hibernate OGM manual
  • [OGM-1458] - Infinispan Remote Query: support query on Byte field
  • [OGM-1494] - Infinispan Remote: support local HotRod transaction
  • [OGM-1520] - Enable tests for Infinispan Remote dialect requiring tx
  • [OGM-1521] - Removed redundant double quote from HQL query example

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