Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 4.4.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-1271] - FullTextSession purge fails on entities annoted with @ContainedIn
  • [HSEARCH-1358] - Index not updated on Embedded ElementCollection (with FieldBridge)
  • [HSEARCH-1423] - Log message about event listeners being enabled is wrong
  • [HSEARCH-1424] - WorkerTestCase was (erroneously) disabled


  • [HSEARCH-1418] - Checkstyle enable: EqualsAvoidNull, RedundantThrows, HideUtilityClassConstructor
  • [HSEARCH-1419] - Introduce checkstyle rules to verify logged methods are i18 friendly
  • [HSEARCH-1420] - More Checkstyle rules to can usage of legacy code
  • [HSEARCH-1421] - BoostStrategy, FilterDef and Discriminator instance creation not using the user friendly helpers
  • [HSEARCH-1422] - Redundant null check in JGroupsChannel initialization
  • [HSEARCH-1430] - Document ShardIdentifierProvider is experimental


  • [HSEARCH-1427] - Provide base class with default implementation of ShardIdentifierProvider
  • [HSEARCH-1428] - Specify session factory type more precisely in MassIndexerFactory#createMassIndexer()

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