Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.7.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2501] - Elasticsearch calendar resolution handling is not consistent with Lucene's
  • [HSEARCH-2510] - ArrayBridge doesn't support arrays of primitive types
  • [HSEARCH-2522] - Elasticsearch backend in the classpath causes eager initialization of non related IndexManagers
  • [HSEARCH-2529] - NullPointerException in LogErrorHandler
  • [HSEARCH-2531] - Cannot override index names through configuration properties with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2535] - @Facet on container (Iterable, Array, ...) properties indexes the container's toString()
  • [HSEARCH-2545] - Validation of IndexedEmbedded targeting a numeric document ID fails inside a non-indexed entity
  • [HSEARCH-2547] - Nesting @IndexedEmbeddeds with "includePaths" results in invalid path restrictions


  • [HSEARCH-2380] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2.6.Final
  • [HSEARCH-2540] - Array instantiation in WorkPlan.processContainedInAndPrepareExecution is misleading
  • [HSEARCH-2549] - MemberRegistrationIT should disable modules injection
  • [HSEARCH-2550] - Improve injection of current version in Arquillian tests
  • [HSEARCH-2551] - Avoid FullTextQuery API to directly depend on deprecated API methods
  • [HSEARCH-2555] - Ensure the test suite fails if any service isn't properly released


  • [HSEARCH-2519] - Support anlyzer definitions with the Elasticsearch VALIDATE strategy
  • [HSEARCH-2520] - Support analyzer definitions with the Elasticsearch MERGE strategy
  • [HSEARCH-2527] - Avoid mixups of analyzers and analyzer references in analyzer-related code
  • [HSEARCH-2548] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2.7.Final

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