Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 6.0.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HV-1347] - Broken link in documentation: "Anatomy of Credit Card Numbers"
  • [HV-1358] - Class loading issue in modularized environment for value extractors loader by the service loader
  • [HV-1377] - StackOverflowError during compilation with annotation-processor enabled
  • [HV-1381] - Unwrapping should work if there is only one VE compatible with the type even if there are 2 type arguments
  • [HV-1403] - Container class and type argument index information not present in case of implicit unwrapping

New Feature

  • [HV-1356] - Enable CDI for value extractors added via the ServiceLoader
  • [HV-1362] - Add support for @OverridesAttribute default name()
  • [HV-1376] - Check that @Positive/@Negative and OrZero versions are taken into account in the annotation processor
  • [HV-1382] - Implement @PastOrPresent and @FutureOrPresent constraints


  • [HV-1051] - OSGi tests fail using JDK 9
  • [HV-1151] - Update the XML schema images of the documentation for BV 2.0
  • [HV-1325] - Add an Automatic-Module-Name entry to the jar manifests
  • [HV-1348] - Add a toString() for GroupConversionHelper
  • [HV-1349] - Add an annotation to mark candidates for TCK
  • [HV-1350] - Use the new containsOnlyViolations test framework
  • [HV-1354] - Make JavaFX classes visible when running the TCK in incontainer mode
  • [HV-1365] - Make spec example 6.6 (property paths) an executable test
  • [HV-1366] - Declaring the exact same value extractor twice in XML should throw an exception
  • [HV-1368] - Update NotEmptyDef, NotBlankDef... to use the specification constraints
  • [HV-1369] - Add programmatic definitions for @Positive/@Negative and allegates
  • [HV-1372] - Implement @PositiveOrZero and @NegativeOrZero support
  • [HV-1380] - Wrap ValueExtractor#extractValues() exceptions in ValidationException
  • [HV-1383] - Default type of @ExtractedValue is now void.class instead of Void.class
  • [HV-1385] - Metadata adjustments following BVAL-655
  • [HV-1387] - Add tests for the string representation of the property path
  • [HV-1394] - Disable the access log of the security manager by default
  • [HV-1396] - Move non-public classes of annotation processor to org.hibernate.validator.ap.internal
  • [HV-1399] - Increase TOC depth for reference guide
  • [HV-1400] - Replace remaining package.html files with equivalent
  • [HV-1401] - Add missing Export clause to manifest file
  • [HV-1406] - Upgrade to Bean Validation and TCK 2.0.0.CR1


  • [HV-1337] - Test framework adjustments to improve consistency with the TCK
  • [HV-1360] - Various infelicities in container element constraints XML tests
  • [HV-1375] - English javax.validation.constraints.NotNull.message not in line with the spec
  • [HV-1378] - Having both Unwrap and Skip in the payload should throw a ConstraintDeclarationException and not a ConstraintDefinitionException
  • [HV-1392] - Annotation Processor should check that constraint payload does not contains both Unwrap and Skip at the same time
  • [HV-1393] - Update schema coordinates in the documentation to use BV 2.0 schemas
  • [HV-1402] - Rename internal.engine.cascading package to internal.engine.valueextraction

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