Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 6.0.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [HV-1359] - Loading ConstraintValidators with service loader does not take into account externalClassLoader


  • [HV-1391] - First pass on the documentation for Bean Validation 2.0
  • [HV-1408] - Add small usage tests for each HV annotation
  • [HV-1412] - Take into account API changes introduced as part of BVAL-674
  • [HV-1419] - Introduce an HV specific ContainerElementNode with a getValue() method
  • [HV-1423] - from of @ConvertGroup and <convert-group /> now has a default value
  • [HV-1425] - Upgrade the Bean Validation API and TCK to 2.0.0.CR2


  • [HV-1409] - Fix ContainerClassTypeParameterAndExtractor toString()
  • [HV-1410] - CDI Integration uses deprecated API
  • [HV-1411] - Use the full URLs in xsi:schemaLocation of our XML files

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