Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.12 - HTML format


  • [HHH-3870] - Hibernate proxies Groovy's getMetaClass method breaking proxies when used with Groovy
  • [HHH-7842] - Hibernate Criteria does not respect fetch mode, when alias is used
  • [HHH-11615] - Envers integration tests fail when WildFly security manager is enabled
  • [HHH-11640] - NamedQuery doesn't log comment when UPDATE/DELETE
  • [HHH-11651] - unwrapping errors in multiple classes
  • [HHH-11656] - Optimistic Locking with HANA Dialect results in invalid SQL syntax.
  • [HHH-11732] - HHH000352: in StatelessSession on rollback with JDBC batch
  • [HHH-11816] - JoinProcessor considers table names with colons dynamic filter parameters
  • [HHH-11838] - Id retrieving from proxy with FK leads to query execution
  • [HHH-11863] - Implement REF_CURSOR support for StoredProcedureQuery.getOutputParameterValue(4);
  • [HHH-11965] - Using unproxy in getter does not work properly
  • [HHH-11969] - hibernate-spatial requires old 9.4-1200-jdbc41 dependency
  • [HHH-11970] - Use of @NotFound(IGNORE) and @BatchSize when there are unresolved foreign key values results in extra queries
  • [HHH-11971] - QueryParameterBindingValidator does not handle primitive types
  • [HHH-11980] - MultiTenantConnectionProvider is required for MultiTenancyStrategy.DISCRIMINATOR
  • [HHH-11988] - Envers creates unnecessary audit records for unchanged BigDecimal values
  • [HHH-11996] - order_inserts causing constraint violation
  • [HHH-11997] - EntityManager.createNamedQuery throwing illegalstateexception
  • [HHH-12018] - NonUniqueObjectException when trying to update audited ElementCollection
  • [HHH-12022] - hibernate-spatial adds org.slf4j:slf4j-simple:jar:1.7.7:runtime dependency

New Feature

  • [HHH-6382] - Support OnDelete=OnDeleteAction.CASCADE for unidirectional OneToMany ( JPA )
  • [HHH-11984] - Add support for navigating between different doc versions
  • [HHH-12006] - Make User Guide sections bookmark-able
  • [HHH-12020] - Add SAP HANA to the list of provided dialects
  • [HHH-12021] - Fix tests failing on SAP HANA
  • [HHH-12033] - links should use Markdown notation instead of AsciiDoc


  • [HHH-11507] - Upgrade to Gradle 4.2
  • [HHH-12001] - Allow ORM to be built with Java 9
  • [HHH-12010] - Improve documentation for computeAggregationInInstanceContext


  • [HHH-2897] - Adding support for use of sequence objects in DB2 V8 OS390
  • [HHH-6280] - JPA criteria API don't bind numeric field
  • [HHH-9576] - Use JDBC bind variables for handling JPA Criteria query numeric literals
  • [HHH-11999] - Envers documentation issues
  • [HHH-12026] - Make sure that search icon is rendered correctly in TOC
  • [HHH-12037] - Remove unused code in ArrayHelper
  • [HHH-12042] - Update to latest geolatte-geom version


  • [HHH-11989] - Deprecate LogicalConnectionImplementor#makeShareableCopy

Remove Feature

  • [HHH-11906] - Add support for MySQL query optimizer hints

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