Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.14 - HTML format


  • [HHH-8916] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler bind top parameter to wrong position
  • [HHH-9460] - Removing non-optional bidirectional @OneToOne association with cascade
  • [HHH-10333] - Schema validation: incorrect use of schema and catalog filters
  • [HHH-11286] - Schema-validation fails with Oracle
  • [HHH-11440] - In hibernate 5.2.4 does not work with oracle
  • [HHH-11544] - Joins over type variable defined relations is non-deterministic
  • [HHH-11901] - Map with null values cannot be audited
  • [HHH-11981] - Association query causes QueryException: Named parameter [revision] not set.
  • [HHH-12059] - stopped working in Oracle since 5.1.4
  • [HHH-12092] - Bad PrimitiveCharacterArrayNClobType INSTANCE typo
  • [HHH-12141] - SQL insert in stateless session causes javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException
  • [HHH-12225] - NullPointerException When Using type(<Class>) in HQL
  • [HHH-12230] - SelectCase does not work when simultaneously exists in select and group by sections
  • [HHH-12260] - Detach of entity with lazy-loaded collection and orphan removal leads to exception during flush of session
  • [HHH-12273] - Load Proxy by its identifier should consider the Session UUID
  • [HHH-12285] - DB connection exception on rollback causes connection leak
  • [HHH-12289] - One call of the SessionImpl#listeners( ) method from SessionImpl#autoFlushIfRequired() is useless.
  • [HHH-12292] - QueryParameterBindingValidator does not allow null values in Object arrays
  • [HHH-12294] - Regression after fixing HHH-12064
  • [HHH-12304] - MappingException occurs when a custom enum type is applied to an audited property.
  • [HHH-12313] - org.hibernate.jpa.test.transaction.TransactionCommitFailureTest fails on HANA


  • [HHH-12277] - Remove Gradle Bintray publishing task


  • [HHH-12280] - Resolve {alias} in @Formula like Restrictions.sqlRestriction()
  • [HHH-12302] - Schema creation uses non-unicode string types on SAP HANA

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