Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.15 - HTML format


  • [HHH-7119] - Hibernate filter's parameters are not populated when an entity's Collection is populated using a fetch mode of subselect.
  • [HHH-8382] - Oracle ORA-24816 - Issue HH4635 solved for annotation, not for hbm version
  • [HHH-9186] - ORM wrongly assumes that an element of a set has a primary key
  • [HHH-12297] - Relations are not loaded when using Fetch Profiles
  • [HHH-12332] - 5.2.14 regression: NullPointerException in AbstractPropertyMapping.getSuperCollection
  • [HHH-12355] - Insert fails on one-to-one mapping when an intermediate embeddable type is between mappings when using ordered inserts.
  • [HHH-12369] - Integer overflow in limit handlers when firstResult used with maxResults=Integer.MAX_VALUE on DB2
  • [HHH-12370] - Lazily-initialized byte[] LOB gets turned into a String, resulting in poor performance


  • [HHH-2558] - Allow batching inserts for multi-table entities
  • [HHH-5797] - Improve batching for entity updates or deletes that use secondary tables

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