Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.16 - HTML format


  • [HHH-3813] - Automatic flush to the join table before a criteria query
  • [HHH-11867] - @UpdateTimestamp not working with @Inheritance( strategy = JOINED )
  • [HHH-11924] - ElementCollection ignore converter for XML mapping
  • [HHH-12221] - Incorrect formatting of SQL statement on logging when entities/tables or fields/columns named like keywords (e.g. "group" or "order").
  • [HHH-12314] - CriteriaAPI - Cannot use a not clause on a join, with explicit "on" argument
  • [HHH-12374] - Order inserts sorting code gives up too soon
  • [HHH-12375] - 5.2.15 regression: 'could not resolve property: attributes of: org.hibernate.test.inheritance.discriminator.JoinedInheritanceTest$BaseEntity' with FetchType.EAGER
  • [HHH-12380] - Stackoverflow when order_inserts=true
  • [HHH-12383] - JoinedSubclassEntityPersister throws ClassCastException for AnyType
  • [HHH-12388] - User Guide and Javadoc typo fixes
  • [HHH-12392] - Caching SchemaResolver delegate with multiple data sources
  • [HHH-12412] - QueryException Thrown on Abstract Property of Abstract Class



  • [HHH-12364] - ElementCollectionMapTest contains unnecessary MapKeyJoinColumn

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