Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.17 - HTML format



  • [HHH-3930] - one-to-one causes redundant select query
  • [HHH-10667] - Envers cannot support @IdClass referencing foreign entity identifier
  • [HHH-11766] - Accessing lazy basic property on entity loaded from 2nd level cache throws exception
  • [HHH-12166] - AbstractCompositionAttribute#getAttributes throws NPE for nested CompositeCustomType
  • [HHH-12226] - ObjectNotFoundException thrown when @NotFound(action = NotFoundAction.IGNORE) used with enhancement
  • [HHH-12326] - PreUpdate/PrePersist not working for @Embeddable entities
  • [HHH-12338] - Incorrect metamodel for basic collections
  • [HHH-12387] - Immutable entities can be updated via bulk update queries
  • [HHH-12389] - Remove usage of javax.script.ScriptEngine from org.hibernate.test.bytecode.enhancement.access.MixedAccessTest
  • [HHH-12391] - calls to EntityTransaction.rollback() should be ignored if the LogicalConnection.physicalConnection is null or the LogicalConnection.physicalConnection.getAutoCommit() returns true
  • [HHH-12439] - Merging of new entities can fail depending on cascade order
  • [HHH-12451] - Hibernate CurrencyType info is not correct in the table
  • [HHH-12479] - Document the converted:: prefix for HBM type mappings
  • [HHH-12498] - Audit entity with composite-key association to non-audit entity leads to NullPointerException
  • [HHH-12507] - InsertOrderingWithCompositeTypeAssociation test fails on Oracle due to reserved word

New Feature

  • [HHH-11769] - New MariaDB Dialect for MariaDB >= v10.1


  • [HHH-12509] - Reduce memory usage of PreparedStatementSpyConnectionProvider
  • [HHH-12510] - Upgrade PostgreSQL driver


  • [HHH-12365] - User Guide: call_key should change to call_timestamp_epoch
  • [HHH-12373] - Better document AuditReader#getEntityName() as throwing an exception rather than it returning null.
  • [HHH-12419] - Incorrect batch inserts example
  • [HHH-12426] - SAP HANA spatial dialect should support all SAP HANA spatial functions
  • [HHH-12454] - Offer flag to consider id generator with local scope (legacy non JPA behavior)
  • [HHH-12462] - Use SAP HANA JDBC driver from Maven Central
  • [HHH-12484] - Improved error output for LazyInitializationException to include entity-related info
  • [HHH-12485] - MetamodelImpl throws exceptions unnecessarily since it could cache failed imports
  • [HHH-12486] - SessionFactoryHelper#findEntityPersisterByName unnecessarily tries to find entity persisters via a method that causes MappingExceptions
  • [HHH-12491] - Document the usage of the maven-compiler-plugin for hibernate-jpamodelgen

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