Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.3.5 - HTML format


  • [HHH-12871] - Metamodel contains managed types related to dynamic-map entities that have been excluded.
  • [HHH-12875] - Class level where="..." clause in hbm.xml mappings is not enforced on collections of that class
  • [HHH-12882] - Where clauses mapped on collections and entities need parentheses when used in conjunction
  • [HHH-12890] - Fix link to JPA Metamodel generator documentation
  • [HHH-12903] - CommitFlushCollectionTest fails when running on Oracle.
  • [HHH-12905] - Passing null as parameter is not allowed even when enablePassingNulls() has been called
  • [HHH-12906] - Statistics.getCollectionRoleNames() reports incorrect value


  • [HHH-10782] - Add a comment about what you can expect from a query plan cache cleanup
  • [HHH-12898] - Enable integration tests for Oracle Standard Edition Two on the AWS build slaves
  • [HHH-12899] - Enable integration tests for MS SQL Server on the AWS build slaves
  • [HHH-12901] - Enable loading of additional JDBC drivers from a local path
  • [HHH-12909] - Upgrade ByteBuddy to 1.8.17


  • [HHH-12196] - Sybase Dialect not supporting max result - paging
  • [HHH-12361] - In the User Guide, omit constructors and equals/hashCode for brevity
  • [HHH-12608] - Add the ST_DWithin() function in DB2 Spatial Dialect
  • [HHH-12892] - Fix spelling issues in the User Guide
  • [HHH-12907] - Avoid garbage collection pressure when creating proxies with ByteBuddy

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