Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.1 - HTML format


  • [HHH-11807] - Enhanced entity delete not cascaded for some case
  • [HHH-12555] - Merging a blob on an entity results in a class cast exception
  • [HHH-13059] - OneToMany with referencedColumnName returns too many entities
  • [HHH-13068] - "order_inserts = true" causes FK Violation when inserting Self Referential Entity with Single_Table Inherited Entities
  • [HHH-13080] - ManyToMany List update with detached entities throws EntityExistsException
  • [HHH-13084] - Querying entity with non-ID property named 'id' fails if entity has an IdClass composite key
  • [HHH-13094] - Setting @Any.fetch to FetchType.EAGER doesn't work
  • [HHH-13104] - Oracle 12c / SAP Hana insert fails when entity contains only an identity-based column.
  • [HHH-13114] - Query "select count(h) from Human h" fails if a subclass has a non-Id property named "id"
  • [HHH-13129] - Cascaded merge fails for detached bytecode-enhanced entity with uninitialized ToOne
  • [HHH-13138] - Work around class loading issues so that bytecode enhanced tests can run as expected
  • [HHH-13145] - Generated metamodel class can't be compiled.
  • [HHH-13146] - Hibernate Ehcache no longer supports the `net.sf.ehcache.hibernate.cache_lock_timeout` configuration property
  • [HHH-13151] - TreatedRoot misses fetches in query
  • [HHH-13153] - No content in 15.1. Query API of User Guide
  • [HHH-13160] - Polymorphic query for InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS is not using UNION ALL
  • [HHH-13163] - Fix DDLWithoutCallbackTest#testRangeChecksGetApplied which fails on MariaDB
  • [HHH-13164] - Detecting transient state of mandatory toOne relations is broken
  • [HHH-13167] - When omitting the OTHERWISE clause in a CASE expression built with Criteria API, Hibernate throws a NullPointerException
  • [HHH-13169] - Table alias used instead of exact table name in multitable update query
  • [HHH-13172] - Log a warning instead of throwing an Exception when @AttributeOverride is used in conjunction with inheritance
  • [HHH-13175] - Eager subsequent-select fails when EntityGraph is specified for find operation
  • [HHH-13184] - Oracle dialect detection does not return latest dialect in the default case
  • [HHH-13189] - org.hibernate.Query#setParameter(String, Object) is extremely slow
  • [HHH-13191] - LazyInitializationException when Envers persists audit data that uses a proxy with JPA_PROXY_COMPLIANCE enabled under JTA
  • [HHH-13192] - Select alias in Criteria API seems to bleed into where condition
  • [HHH-13199] - NullPointerException when using case on select clause using JPA Criteria API

New Feature

  • [HHH-13204] - Introduce a configuration flag to skip processing of XML mapping metadata
  • [HHH-13209] - Experimental feature: Allow for ServiceRegistry "suspend and restore"


  • [HHH-13197] - Reduce bootstrap log verbosity
  • [HHH-13198] - Introduce a global configuration flag to disable JPA callbacks
  • [HHH-13210] - Don't log about running a script of type ScriptSourceInputNonExistentImpl
  • [HHH-13211] - Reduce logging verbosity of QueryTranslatorFactoryInitiator


  • [HHH-12878] - StaleStateException does not log out the stale object or the statement that was executed
  • [HHH-13162] - Upgrade MySQL and MariaDB Dialects as they support UNION ALL
  • [HHH-13165] - Don't use confusing "this" in the User Guide admonition blocks
  • [HHH-13181] - Reduce bootstrap log verbosity
  • [HHH-13186] - MariaDB dialect detection does not return the latest by default
  • [HHH-13206] - Apply dialect checks from both method and class level.

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