Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.0 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13110] - @PreUpdate method on a Embeddable null on the parent caused NullPointerException
  • [HHH-13141] - Could not fetch the SequenceInformation from the database when using SQL Server with a case-sensitive collation
  • [HHH-13147] - DelayedPostInsertIdentifier handling broken since 5.3.0

New Feature

  • [HHH-13083] - Add st_makeenvelope to the supported PostGIS functions in hibernate-spatial


  • [HHH-13095] - Document how to use arithmetic expressions in CASE statements
  • [HHH-13096] - Document that composite identifier cannot use auto-generated properties


  • [HHH-10778] - Add support for non-public AttributeConverter implementations
  • [HHH-13041] - Move @Any and other association mappings to the association chapter
  • [HHH-13144] - Move the doInAutoCommit utility to TranscationUtil
  • [HHH-13156] - Enhance the @AnyMetaDef annotation section with more details about the optimal placement

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