Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.3.9 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13107] - JtaWithStatementsBatchTest fails on Oracle
  • [HHH-13112] - Proxies on entity types in the default package lead to MappingException with JDK9+
  • [HHH-13262] - javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: Executing an update/delete query
  • [HHH-13269] - Embeddable collection regression due to HHH-11544
  • [HHH-13281] - java.lang.ClassCastException: org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl cannot be cast to org.hibernate.ejb.HibernateEntityManager
  • [HHH-13285] - ClassCastException: org.dom4j.DocumentFactory cannot be cast to org.dom4j.DocumentFactory after dom4j update

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