Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.3.10 - HTML format


  • [HHH-12939] - Database name not quoted at schema update
  • [HHH-13138] - Work around class loading issues so that bytecode enhanced tests can run as expected
  • [HHH-13241] - Constraint violation when deleting entites in bi-directional, lazy OneToMany association with bytecode enhancement
  • [HHH-13266] - LocalDateTime values are wrong around 1900 (caused by JDK-8061577)
  • [HHH-13277] - HibernateMethodLookupDispatcher - Issue with Security Manager
  • [HHH-13300] - query.getSingleResult() throws org.hibernate.NonUniqueResultException instead of javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException
  • [HHH-13326] - Transaction passed to Hibernate Interceptor methods is null when JTA is used
  • [HHH-13343] - Bytecode enhancement using ByteBuddy fails when the class is not available from the provided ClassLoader
  • [HHH-13364] - Query.getSingleResult and getResultList() throw PessimisticLockException when pessimistic lock fails with timeout


  • [HHH-13376] - Upgrade Javassist dependency to 3.23.2-GA

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