Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.4 - HTML format


  • [HHH-12642] - Lazy enhanced entity as relationship is always loaded in a criteria query
  • [HHH-13357] - OffsetTimeTest fails using TimeAsTimestampRemappingH2Dialect in non-GMT European time zones
  • [HHH-13379] - Regression of Instant serialization
  • [HHH-13409] - Hibernate ORM does not detect services provided by libraries in the module path
  • [HHH-13424] - Table nullability should not depend on JpaCompliance.isJpaCacheComplianceEnabled()
  • [HHH-13443] - Build failing to parse *.properties file attributes containing trailing space
  • [HHH-13454] - org.hibernate.orm.test.query.criteria.BasicCriteriaExecutionTests fails on Oracle
  • [HHH-13455] - Enabling Enhancement as a Proxy causes IllegalStateException when using Javassist
  • [HHH-13459] - Unit test lock up when they run on PostgreSQL
  • [HHH-13460] - FetchGraphTest is failing on MariaDB
  • [HHH-13463] - Hibernate has a dependency on plexus-utils:3.0.1 that is vulnerable to CVE-2017-1000487 with a CVSS of 7.5
  • [HHH-13492] - OptimisticLockException after locking, refreshing, and updating an entity
  • [HHH-13500] - Subquery of DefaultAuditStrategy results in a wrong revision
  • [HHH-13505] - NullPointerException thrown by StatisticsImpl#getCacheRegionStatistics
  • [HHH-13514] - Calling the wrong method inside SessionDelegatorBaseImpl#createStoredProcedureQuery

New Feature

  • [HHH-11147] - Allow enhanced entities to be returned in a completely uninitialized state
  • [HHH-13154] - Add support for JPA criteria on stateless sessions


  • [HHH-13415] - Improve build compatibility with JDK11.0.3
  • [HHH-13461] - Style and formatting fixes: CollectionEntry
  • [HHH-13504] - Upgrade ByteBuddy to 1.9.11
  • [HHH-13513] - Partial revert of string interning introduced by HHH-3924
  • [HHH-13520] - Deprecate mutators on SqlStatementLogger


  • [HHH-11032] - Improve performance of PersistentBag.equalsSnapshot
  • [HHH-13226] - Typo in some configuration properties (HBM2DDL vs HBM2DLL)
  • [HHH-13303] - Fix some alerts from LGTM
  • [HHH-13428] - Minor cleanup of build scripts
  • [HHH-13429] - Upgrade WildFly provisioning plugin to version 0.0.11
  • [HHH-13442] - CollectionType#getCollection() method improvements
  • [HHH-13444] - Remove ignored EntityMode field from CollectionKey
  • [HHH-13447] - Minimize number of EventListenerRegistry lookups within a Session use
  • [HHH-13448] - Avoid retrieving PRE_LOAD and POST_LOAD Event listeners within the inner loops of TwoPhaseLoad
  • [HHH-13450] - Do not compute the full role name of a collection unless necessary
  • [HHH-13451] - Logging typo in CascadingActions causing significant allocations
  • [HHH-13452] - Missing log level guard on formatting in DefaultPersistEventListener#entityIsDeleted
  • [HHH-13453] - Optimise CascadingActions for the most likely case
  • [HHH-13458] - Update Hibernate's custom IdentityMap to better match its use
  • [HHH-13462] - Introduce a fastpath for SessionImpl#fireLoad to be used by internal loops
  • [HHH-13465] - Allow inlined access to the PersistenceContext for internal methods
  • [HHH-13467] - Make average BatchFetchQueue consume less memory
  • [HHH-13471] - Avoid invoking delayedAfterCompletion() multiple times from the same SessionImpl method
  • [HHH-13475] - SessionImpl#applyQuerySettingsAndHints should not rely on defensive copies to just read properties
  • [HHH-13476] - Micro-optimisations of TwoPhaseLoad#getOverridingEager
  • [HHH-13477] - Make heavily invoked method final: EventListenerGroupImpl#listeners()
  • [HHH-13478] - Various low hanging fruits identified by CPU flame graphs
  • [HHH-13494] - LobTypeMappings should not use a Bounded ConcurrentHashmap
  • [HHH-13495] - NationalizedTypeMappings should not use a Bounded ConcurrentHashmap
  • [HHH-13496] - Apply some minor yet improvements identified via static code analysis tools
  • [HHH-13508] - Reuse alias names generated by BasicLoader#generateSuffixes
  • [HHH-13511] - Remove old org.hibernate.loader.DefaultEntityAliases#intern

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