Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.7 - HTML format


  • [HHH-4235] - MapBinder.createFormulatedValue() does not honor DB schema name when creating query
  • [HHH-13633] - Bugs join-fetching a collection when scrolling with a stateless session using enhancement as proxy
  • [HHH-13634] - PersistenceContext can get cleared before load completes using StatelessSessionImpl
  • [HHH-13640] - Uninitialized HibernateProxy mapped as NO_PROXY gets initialized when reloaded with enhancement-as-proxy enabled
  • [HHH-13653] - Uninitialized entity does not get initialized when a setter is called with enhancement-as-proxy enabled
  • [HHH-13655] - Envers Map<Enum, Integer> causes NullPointerException when mapped with @MapKeyEnumerated since Hibernate 5.4.6
  • [HHH-13663] - Session#setHibernateFlushMode() method not callable without an active transaction
  • [HHH-13665] - Selecting an entity annotated with @Immutable but not with @Cachable causes a NPE when use_reference_entries is enabled
  • [HHH-13672] - The temporary PersistenceContext of a StatelessSession is not cleared after a refresh operation
  • [HHH-13675] - Optimize PersistentBag.groupByEqualityHash()

New Feature

  • [HHH-10398] - _MOD columns not named correctly when using custom column names



  • [HHH-12858] - integration overrides during JPA bootstrap ought to override all logically related settings
  • [HHH-13432] - Have EntityManagerFactory expose persistence.xml `jta-data-source` element as a `javax.persistence.nonJtaDataSource` property
  • [HHH-13660] - Reduce allocation costs of IdentityMaps used by ResultSetProcessingContextImpl
  • [HHH-13662] - Avoid initializing XmlMappingBinderAccess when no XML mappings are defined
  • [HHH-13666] - AssertionFailure: Exception releasing cache locks upon After/BeforeTransactionCompletionProcess failure
  • [HHH-13673] - Cryptic error when providing import.sql file without a terminal char at the end of each line

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