Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.10 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9301] - Group by on alias doesn't replace alias
  • [HHH-12895] - Extra LEFT JOIN generated with @ManyToOne and @JoinTable when projecting on main entity id
  • [HHH-13355] - StaleStateException for updates to optional secondary table using saveOrUpdate
  • [HHH-13365] - Entities in joined subclass table are not inserted with batch size > 0 using sequence-identity ID generator
  • [HHH-13608] - Oracle8iDialect should use CASE_INSENSITIVE pattern matching when checking the statement type
  • [HHH-13722] - ArrayStoreException in Constraint.generateName
  • [HHH-13737] - Add debug logging and a test case for HHH-13433
  • [HHH-13742] - Missing from clause with joined inheritance property in association subquery
  • [HHH-13758] - Limit Handler for SQL server doesn't work with CTE queries with strings literals
  • [HHH-13764] - Annotations are ignored during enhancement if they are on the getter instead of the field


  • [HHH-13739] - Upgrade to Agroal 1.7
  • [HHH-13761] - Debug logging of JPA compliance settings didn't log the value of the settings
  • [HHH-13762] - Update vibur-dbcp dependency to 25.0


  • [HHH-8091] - Hibernate produces SQL - "in ()" - which is invalid in at least Oracle, MySQL and Postgres
  • [HHH-13755] - Update Hibernate Gradle Plugin example in the documentation

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