Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.11 - HTML format


  • [HHH-6615] - int type in Revision number
  • [HHH-6686] - JPQL operator "is empty" failes for @ElementCollection
  • [HHH-10844] - Resolve columnDefinition to appropriate sql-type for audit mappings
  • [HHH-13373] - Hibernate report query hibernate_sequence table error in spring-boot application starting on a multi-database mariadb server
  • [HHH-13456] - ForeignGenerator Throws ClassCastException When Using StatelessSession
  • [HHH-13472] - Error creating hibernate_sequence in MariaDB 10.3
  • [HHH-13644] - NullPointerException when calling StoredProcedureQuery.getResultStream() instead of StoredProcedureQuery.getResultList()
  • [HHH-13677] - org.hibernate.flushMode property not applied
  • [HHH-13704] - Make sure javassist is really an optional dependency
  • [HHH-13752] - Delete doesn't work when many-to-many uses non-primary key for join table
  • [HHH-13759] - Bytecode enhancement fails for an embedded field in a MappedSuperclass
  • [HHH-13760] - Envers tries to use relationship's entity as value for column instead of numeric identifier (cast class exception happens) for LAZY @ManyToOne
  • [HHH-13770] - Envers - modified flag column value set to null from 5.4.7 onwards
  • [HHH-13780] - Allow NamedQuery to set hint QueryHints.PASS_DISTINCT_THROUGH
  • [HHH-13783] - org.hibernate.MappingException: The increment size of the sequence is set to [10] in the entity mapping while … size is [1]
  • [HHH-13792] - L2 entity cache is evicted prior to committing transaction for HQL/native updates
  • [HHH-13796] - Missing from clause in query from BinaryLogicOperatorNode row value constructor translation
  • [HHH-13804] - HibernateProxy might need to be instantiated even with build-time enhancement
  • [HHH-13806] - CoreMessageLogger#unableToLoadCommand is not printing the cause of the error
  • [HHH-13808] - Incorrect String format in log
  • [HHH-13831] - Replaced listener is not called when EventListenerGroup#fireEventOnEachListener is called


  • [HHH-13726] - Extract org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl#prepareEventListeners from SessionFactoryImpl
  • [HHH-13767] - Remove mention of Oracle and DB2 not being in MC
  • [HHH-13821] - Update to Byte Buddy 1.10.7
  • [HHH-13822] - OSGi integration tests need to be able to download dependencies from Maven Central using HTTPS
  • [HHH-13823] - Various visibility changes to help prototyping of Hibernate RX
  • [HHH-13833] - Byte Buddy enhancer should use ASM7 opcodes to improve compatibility with code compiled for Java 11
  • [HHH-13837] - Initialize the Hibernate VERSION as a real constant
  • [HHH-13838] - Allow extension of PersistenceXmlParser
  • [HHH-13849] - Convert ProxyFactoryFactory and BytecodeProvider into a Service


  • [HHH-8776] - Ability for JPA entity-graphs to handle non-lazy attributes as lazy
  • [HHH-11958] - Apply QueryHints.HINT_READONLY to load operations
  • [HHH-12856] - Upgrade DB2400 dialect to use the DB2 for i improvements
  • [HHH-13390] - Upgrade JPA MetaModel Generator (jpamodelgen) to support Gradle Incremental Compile
  • [HHH-13800] - Correct some typos in the javadocs of hibernate-core module
  • [HHH-13802] - fix javadoc warnings in 'hibernate-core'
  • [HHH-13809] - Various improvements in the user guides
  • [HHH-13830] - Fixing typo on the build task description
  • [HHH-13832] - Optimise setting of default Flush Mode on a newly created Session
  • [HHH-13850] - Clear the BytecodeProvider caches both after SessionFactory creation and stop
  • [HHH-13851] - Rework initialization of ProxyFactoryFactory to move responsibility out of PojoEntityTuplizer
  • [HHH-13854] - Allow extensions of StandardServiceRegistryBuilder to ignore Environment variables

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