Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.17 - HTML format


  • [HHH-10956] - Persisting partially-generated composite Ids fails with HibernateException: No part of a composite identifier may be null
  • [HHH-13959] - Add nullability and uniqueness for @OneToOne with @JoinTable
  • [HHH-13980] - NullPointerException in AbstractEntityGraphVisitationStrategy.startingCollectionIndex
  • [HHH-14022] - Oracle-Dialect does not find Sequences outside User-Schema
  • [HHH-14030] - hibernate-orm fails to build locally on German Win10


  • [HHH-14044] - Extract code from Loader into protected methods


  • [HHH-14046] - Allow customizing the type of SessionFactory by changing the initial ServiceInitiator list
  • [HHH-14047] - Extensions points of EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl for Hibernate Reactive
  • [HHH-14048] - Expose lazy property fetching to Hibernate Reactive
  • [HHH-14049] - AbstractEntityPersister make three private methods protected for use in Hibernate Reactive

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