Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.19 - HTML format


  • [HHH-12268] - LazyInitializationException thrown from lazy collection when batch fetching enabled and owning entity refreshed with lock
  • [HHH-13214] - DML batch delete re-firing SQL from previous calls
  • [HHH-13410] - "order_inserts = true" causes FK Violation when inserting with a special case of Unidirectional Relations between 4 Entities
  • [HHH-13926] - StaleStateException message should not contain SQL parameters
  • [HHH-13931] - MissingFormatArgumentException in JpaCompliantLifecycleStrategy.BeanImpl
  • [HHH-14021] - Using AttributeConverter to Byte fails with "No dialect mapping for JBDC Type: <697960108>"
  • [HHH-14041] - H2Dialect does not correctly extract violated constraint names for 23506
  • [HHH-14059] - Cannot use full qualified enum name which has two uppercase alphabet prefix
  • [HHH-14071] - @FetchProfile not working with @OneToOne(mappedBy=...) properties
  • [HHH-14097] - Versions 5.4.11.Final+ produce too many sql queries
  • [HHH-14098] - Query plan cache query-level statistics documentation, used getQueryPlanCacheMissCount instead of getPlanCompilationTotalMicroseconds
  • [HHH-14106] - Return entry from `#parentsByChild` in `StateFulPersistenceContext#getParentsByChild`
  • [HHH-14108] - PADDED and DYNAMIC Batch loading strategies not compatible with the Enhanced Proxy feature
  • [HHH-14112] - Invalid Pagination COUNT query generated with @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.JOINED)
  • [HHH-14116] - Exception when fetch joining a non-collection when selecting non-query-root

New Feature


  • [HHH-14096] - Removal of unused code: XMLHelper and its SAXReader factory helper
  • [HHH-14103] - Add test cases showing that an entity's transient attribute can be overridden to be persistent in entity subclasses
  • [HHH-14111] - Upgrade build dependencies to test JDK15/JDK16


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