Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.20 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13974] - FlushMode set through SessionBuilder#flushMode() is ignored
  • [HHH-14109] - IN Clause Parameter Padding not working if parameter count is between last valid power of 2 number and 'in expression limit'
  • [HHH-14124] - Entity graph (fetch graph) is incorrectly applied to query results beyond the first one
  • [HHH-14129] - Bidirectional relationship with @NotNull fails to save


  • [HHH-14033] - SQL script parsing problem with multi-line comments
  • [HHH-14126] - Add CockroachDB to DefaultDialectSelector and update documentation to mention the new dialect
  • [HHH-14143] - Detect illegal concurrent usage of LogicalConnectionManagedImpl
  • [HHH-14144] - Explicitly set localization assumptions for the build and testsuite


  • [HHH-14133] - Fix mistake in example code for 'second level cache' in user guide
  • [HHH-14137] - Empty String Check Performance Improvement
  • [HHH-14142] - Make constructor of StatelessSessionImpl public

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