Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.21 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13380] - Bytecode enhanced entities might throw LazyInitializationException from custom equals/hashcode implementations
  • [HHH-14149] - Improve efficiency of LazyAttributesMetadata#getLazyAttributeNames
  • [HHH-14152] - Query fails after upgrading to 5.4.20.Final
  • [HHH-14153] - HQL update query on abstract entity generates temporary table
  • [HHH-14154] - Incorrect SQL generated from Criteria API when concat() and function() methods are used together
  • [HHH-14156] - IN subquery predicate with entity aliases produces wrong SQL "too few columns in subquery"
  • [HHH-14159] - StandardQueryCacheFactory mentioned in the docs but does not exist
  • [HHH-14175] - StatefulPersistenceContext#getLoadedCollectionOwnerOrNull could NPE on missing CollectionEntry
  • [HHH-14179] - MultiLineImportExtractorTest fails on Windows
  • [HHH-14183] - LocalTimeJavaDescriptor attempts casting to LocalDate
  • [HHH-14187] - Lazy loading fails if an entity appears twice in the object graph when enhancement as proxy is enabled
  • [HHH-14193] - MultipleLinesSqlCommandExtractor should tolerate empty input scripts



  • [HHH-14160] - Use a runtime used class for testing Bean Validation presence
  • [HHH-14190] - Rename isEmptyOrWhitespace() to isBlank() and improve its efficiency


  • [HHH-3326] - Temporary tables created in SQLServer use the collation for tempdb, not the application database
  • [HHH-14181] - HQL update/delete query resulted in same table being updated twice

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