Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.22 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9422] - Metamodel Generator should close streams opened to persistence.xml and referenced mapping files
  • [HHH-13058] - Criteria API correlated subquery with outer join generates incorrect SQL
  • [HHH-13201] - FromElement orign check fails when fetching @ElementCollection and association
  • [HHH-14148] - Invalid SQL when null precedence, @OrderBy and entity graph are used
  • [HHH-14197] - Criteria API doubly-nested subquery generates invalid SQL - missing subquery root
  • [HHH-14199] - setDataBase gradle task failed
  • [HHH-14201] - Wrong order of joins in SQL
  • [HHH-14206] - Auto-apply converter not applied to primitives
  • [HHH-14212] - @EntityGraph annotation log warning message "Entity graph specified is not applicable to the entity ... . Ignored." and works as if EntityGraph.EntityGraphType.LOAD would set.
  • [HHH-14213] - Could not parse literal [9223372036854775808] as integer
  • [HHH-14219] - Duplicated rows of sequence table if generator shared by multiple entities
  • [HHH-14220] - EnhancementException failure with MappedSuperclass with a un-mapped collection
  • [HHH-14223] - NullPointerException when implicit joining over @JoinFormula/@JoinColumnOrFormula
  • [HHH-14230] - ClassCastException raised by ForeignKeyKey.toString()
  • [HHH-14231] - java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Object; while using JPA 2.2 query.getResultStream().findFirst()

New Feature

  • [HHH-14198] - Expose CompositeUserTypes through JPA Metamodel


  • [HHH-14203] - DB2 requires the restrict keyword to drop the schema
  • [HHH-14204] - Schema validator should be more forgiving of column type mismatches
  • [HHH-14217] - Use ANSI escape codes to highlight output of hibernate.show_sql


  • [HHH-14031] - Update h2 database from 1.4.196 to 1.4.197
  • [HHH-14205] - Replace StringBuffer usage with StringBuilder when possible
  • [HHH-14218] - Correct some typos in code comments
  • [HHH-14236] - Improve efficiency of ForeignKeyKey
  • [HHH-14238] - Option to always include collection fields in the default fetch group
  • [HHH-14242] - Micro optimisations of ActionQueue: redundant branch evaluation

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