Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.24 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13310] - getParameterValue() not working for collections
  • [HHH-14257] - An Entity A with a map collection having as index an Embeddable with a an association to the Entity A fails with a NPE
  • [HHH-14276] - Nested ID class using derived identifiers fails with strange AnnotationException: unable to find column reference in the @MapsId mapping: `game_id`
  • [HHH-14279] - Broken 'with key(...)' operator on entity-key maps
  • [HHH-14288] - Complex batch insert query stopped to work
  • [HHH-14310] - Document hibernate.query.in_clause_parameter_padding
  • [HHH-14312] - Padded batch style entity loader ignores entity graph
  • [HHH-14316] - Avoid accessing state in DriverManagerConnectionProviderImpl if null
  • [HHH-14317] - Avoid closing datasource in AgroalConnectionProvider if datasource is not initialized
  • [HHH-14322] - HBM many-to-one property-ref broken since 5.3.2 due to HHH-12684
  • [HHH-14329] - DirtinessTracker usage for enhanced entities doesn't respect mutable types
  • [HHH-14333] - Pessimistic Lock causes FOR UPDATE on outer join statements


  • [HHH-14225] - CVE-2020-25638 Potential for SQL injection on use_sql_comments logging enabled
  • [HHH-14309] - Improve `BulkOperationCleanupAction#affectedEntity`
  • [HHH-14324] - Add .gradletasknamecache to .gitignore


  • [HHH-14158] - Upgrade Javassist to the latest version
  • [HHH-14325] - Add Query hint for specifying "query spaces" for native queries
  • [HHH-14332] - Make it easier for Quarkus SPI to avoid loading XML

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