Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.4.28 - HTML format


  • [HHH-13944] - HQL/JPQL size() does not work (anymore) with nested expression
  • [HHH-14229] - Foreign key is created even ConstraintMode.NO_CONSTRAINT specified
  • [HHH-14386] - Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("testPU") fails, if persistence unit has config & CurrentTenantIdentifierResolver is not null.
  • [HHH-14404] - SessionBuilder.connectionHandlingMode is ignored
  • [HHH-14407] - NPE in Column.getSqlTypeCode(Mapping mapping) for column 'hib_sess_id' when using PersistentTableBulkIdStrategy
  • [HHH-14408] - SPI provided user types are not applied
  • [HHH-14424] - When enhanced as a proxy with dirty checking is enabled, on flush uninitialized entities containing collections are updated setting all fields to null
  • [HHH-14445] - Javassist skip EntityWithMutableAttributesTest, LoadAndUpdateEntitiesWithCollectionsTest, SimpleDynamicUpdateTest, SimpleDynamicUpdateTest

New Feature

  • [HHH-13975] - geolatte-geom support for SpatialPredicates
  • [HHH-14253] - Provide an option to skip foreign key creation for ConstraintMode.PROVIDER_DEFAULT
  • [HHH-14415] - Upgrade to Jandex 2.2.3.Final


  • [HHH-14315] - Upgrade to Gradle 6.7 and use toolchains for per-JDK builds
  • [HHH-14326] - StoredProcedureQuery instances should be closed by Hibernate ORM
  • [HHH-14370] - Add --add-opens options required for Gradle
  • [HHH-14371] - Add --add-opens options required for tests
  • [HHH-14372] - Upgrade to Weld 3.1.5.Final in tests
  • [HHH-14421] - Fix javadoc for method


  • [HHH-14323] - Backport HHH-13682 to 5.4: Generate Java 13/14 bytecode for tests when building with JDK13/14
  • [HHH-14418] - Reduce memory retention of each EventListenerGroup
  • [HHH-14428] - Could avoid allocating an org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl$StatelessSessionBuilderImpl when no options are set
  • [HHH-14442] - Upgrade Geolatte-geom dependency to latest
  • [HHH-14444] - Remove synchronization from PooledLoThreadLocalOptimizer
  • [HHH-14447] - Add missing EventGroupListeners into FastSessionService and take advantage of them

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