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Type names for new JDBC 4.2 types are missing.


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.2.10
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      JDBC 4.2 introduces the types TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIMEZONE and TIME_WITH_TIMEZONE but no corresponding type names are registered.

      This causes DDL generation to fail.

      In this Pull Request, we got some hints about some possible issues related to LocalDateTime and LocalTime:

      Speaking of which right now Hibernate implements support for LocalDateTime and LocalTime by converting 
      through java.sql types. This is not optimal for two reasons
      LocalTime has nanosecond resolution java.sql.Time has millisecond resolution, converting results in silent data truncation.
      java.sql.Timestamp due to implementation details is affected by daylight savings time even though it shouldn't be. 
      If you run your JVM in a time zone that has daylight savings time the following value can not be stored or loaded correctly when a conversion through java.sql.Timestamp happens. 
      It can only be stored and loaded correctly when driver support for JSR-310 is used.
        private static LocalDateTime getUnstorableValue() {
          ZoneId systemTimezone = ZoneId.systemDefault();
          Instant now = Instant.now();
          ZoneRules rules = systemTimezone.getRules();
          ZoneOffsetTransition transition = rules.nextTransition(now);
          if (!transition.getDateTimeBefore().isBefore(transition.getDateTimeAfter())) {
            transition = rules.nextTransition(transition.getInstant().plusSeconds(1L));
          Duration gap = Duration.between(transition.getDateTimeBefore(), transition.getDateTimeAfter());
          return transition.getDateTimeBefore().plus(gap.dividedBy(2L));




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