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  1. HHH-1907

offload metadata information from ComponentType to SessionFactory


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      Specifically, we need to move all the code directly dealing with property-access, instantiation, etc out of here. So where do we move it? Well, EntityType for example moves this stuff off to the persisters; the type then just looks up the persister when needed. Not sure we actually need a persister per-se for handling components; perhaps just ComponentMetamodel is enough...

      Why is this important? Well the way ComponentType is currently structured leads to the need for certain configuration properties to be classloader scoped (static on Environment) instead of SessionFactory scoped. This is painful for two in particular: 1) whether to use reflection optimization and 2) bytecode provider.

      Also, this change should allow us to cleanup how property accessors are built

      Long term it would facilitate the ability to have hierarchies of components as well as loading components in a 2-phase-load paradigm like entities and collections.


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