Clear the pending indexing tasks at Session.clear()


I have a use-case with a nested transaction in a loop.

When the nested transaction is committed, I manually flush and clear the Hibernate-Session, because otherwise, the program would run into an OutOfMemoryException, because it loads to many objects into the Hibernate session.

Sometimes, the nested transaction is rolled back, to cancel some work, because of invalid data or other errors. In this case I have to clear the Hibernate session, so that the modified objects are not saved by Hibernate.

When the nested transaction is committed and I am flushing the Session, I can flush the FullTextSession accordingly via FullTextSession.flushToIndexes().

But, when the nested transaction has to be rolled back, I am not able to cancel the work recorded by the FullTextSession. FullTextSession.clear() has no effect on the queued work. This leads to errors: because I have flushed the Hibernate session manually, the queued work sometimes is causing LazyInitializationException\s. And: it should not be written to the index, because I have thrown away the modified objects and the index would get out of sync, if the queued work is not canceled.

I searched the documentation and the internet for hours, but I can't find any way, to cancel work.

I think it would be reasonable, to overwrite Session.clear() in FullTextSession and cancel all queued work, like when the session is rolled back. Because, this is, what a user expects, when he clears the FullTextSession.

Another possibility would be, to implement a Method like FullTextSession.clearQueuedWork() or FullTextSession.cancelWork().


Spring 3.2 + Hibernate 4.1.8.Final


Fabio Massimo Ercoli


Kai Moritz



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