After deleting an entity lucene index updating fails due to NullPointerException


When entities are deleted, I noticed an exception with a rather large stack trace (below), which appears to be caused by the fact that Lucene is told to remove from the index a document with a null id.

After (quite) a bit of digging, I believe the source is the top of this stack trace:

Specifically, does:

As far as I can tell, unproxy(entity) will return an entity with a null id if called during postRemove; the returned result is null, although the debugger says that actually contains the correct (non-null, pre-deletion) value.<T>), right below the top of the stack, does:

This condition fails and goes into the "else" block, which is unfortunate, because work.getId() actually contains the correct value.

The error doesn't occur right away:<T>) (a bit below the top of the stack) calls "entityById.put( id, entityWork );", with id=null due to the above.

A while later the following happens (the bottom two items are the same as the stack trace above):

The entry at the top belongs to

The argument delete is true and id is null (it's the value of WorkPlan$PerClassWork<T>.enqueueLuceneWork(List<LuceneWork>) gets it from the documentBuilder.getId(entity) call mentioned above). A little while later the actual exception is triggered:

org.apache.lucene.index.Term.compareTo fails because is null, having received its value a bit earlier from the null document id above. (Technically, I think this also a bug in lucene; surrounding code, for example Term.equals, does test for null, so either Term.compareTo should do it, or the Term should have been checked for null quite a while earlier. Anyway, the results would have been the same, except for easier debugging.)


Hibernate 3.4.0 (on MySQL 5.1.54, but any database is affected AFAIK)


Hardy Ferentschik


Bogdan Butnaru



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